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How can I create two of the same website in different languages?

  1. I am trying to create another website in French and link the two websites. Can I do this? Are there any restrictions on doing this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Yes, you can definitely create two websites in different languages.

    Hope that helps!

  3. If you are bilingual or multilingual and want to publish your free hosted in two or more languages but do not want to rely on machine translation that can be done see here >

  4. Hi,
    I work for a Cambodian humanitarian organisation, and we have moved our website from a locally hosted wordpress site to We have bought a premium subscription, because we want to use a custom domain, more space for videos and other media, no ads and custom design.

    We spent quite a bit of work and money before realising that we cannot make our site bilingual. Firstly, we are quite disappointed this is not possible. Even having an option to switch between two custom menus would be enough. We realise most Americans only speak one language, but the rest of the world often needs to related to information in different languages.

    Now it seems the other option is to create two websites and set up a subdomain for one of them. This is feasible for us, but does it mean we have to buy two premium subscriptions?

  5. Well sure you can do this. You can't do that if you need two different ALPHABETS, that's the problem. Your best bet is to create three websites:

    And use as the 'gateway" where people click to one or the other blog. And yes, upgrades and bundles are per blog, not per account, so you will need to purchase bundles for both sites.

    You might find this easier:

  6. Different alphabets shouldn't make any problems. Mixing Khmer menu items and pages into our current site works well. We could use just insert a link labeled "ខ្មែរ", and one on the other site labeled "english".

    I don't think automatic translation services are will be adequate for us. We have tried google translate, but it produces mostly gibberish in Khmer. We don't mind translating and setting things up manually.

    On a second note, I'm sorry to be so rude, but I do find using duplicate sites and paying double price for having two languages is kind of a ridiculous workaround. I can't really understand why there isn't a better way.

  7. Because each blog must have ONE language. If you want to write in two languages on a blog, that's no problem as long as they both use the same alphabet; English and French are no problem if you choose the French default language so you have all the accents.

    Every kind of software has limitations. You could do this much easier on a blog on independent hosting, but then you would be paying $120 a year for hosting, more for the domain name, you'd have to buy and configure a theme, do all the plugins yourself and upgrades and security.

    It's a tradeoff and this solution,, is cheaper.

  8. Yes, we already had a self hosted website, but our web host was hacked twice, and we lost a lot of work. So we looked for something more secure and convenient.

    But, as I said, using different alphabets works fine, no problem. Have a look at to see what I mean.

  9. By the way, a related question:
    One of the features we want to use is embedding videos, which is why we bought the premium upgrade. When we set up the two separate websites, can we embed videos from one site on the other, or do we need to upload duplicate videos?

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