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How can i delete a comment block from my a static page?

  1. I have told you more than once now and in more than one thread that you cannot create a custom log-in on a free hosted blog. You cannot become a in your own right on a free hosted blog.

    Go to Create A Network and are completely separate and have separate logins. If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  2. Thank you very much,
    Have a nice day.

  3. I don't find anyone like you.

  4. Hello,
    I have a question please,
    All my pages have the same sidebar,
    How can i change that ? please,

    Best regards

  5. all my pages have map and kalender,
    How can i change that please? I don't want all my pages have the same look.

  6. No one in the wordpress office.
    Where is my God when i need him?

  7. Hi My teacher,
    Please, this is very important:

    How can i do that please ?

    Iam tried with :http://domainname/%username% ?
    If i want to a specific custom page.


  8. Hi,
    How can i send message to a specific email address ?


  9. All my pages have the same sidebar,

    How many sidebars you have, where they are positioned etc. is firstly, theme dependent and secondly, it's dependent on the widget visibility settings you set up inside the widgets.

  10. Thank soooooo much for answering.
    I have only one sidebar.
    How can i change these settings ?
    Iam tried to do that but i don't see any place that can i change these options from the widget section.

    Best Regards

  11. Thank you very much,good advice

  12. I cannot answer that as each theme is coded differently and I don't even know which theme you are referring to.

  13. Yes , I know that,
    you can see this :

  14. What has that got to do with any free hosted blog?
    We bloggers cannot install any plugins on free hosted blogs.
    We do not provide support for any sites here and I have told you those same things so many time now I feel screaming at you.
    Here is where you get support
    I have told you that before also yet here you are again.

  15. OH , my god.
    Iam sorry sorry sorry.
    Iam apologise.
    I forget again,
    Iam study more than 16 hours varje day.

  16. On a WordPress.COM blog we go to > Appearance > Widgets and click to open the widget. Then we look inside and some have visibility settings that determine which blog page the widget will display on. We make our choice then click "save" and click "close".

  17. You are a wonderful teacher.
    thank you for my best teacher.

  18. You are the persistent student of a reluctant teacher. :(

  19. Now,
    I must go and sleep.
    In sweden the time is 12:50 nat.
    In the canada where my family live the time is : 18:50 .

    Have a nice day and best wishes
    Good nat
    You are the best.

  20. Hi,
    How can i change the footer sidebar information.
    My theme have the footer sidebar with information about wordpress and the type of theme.
    How can i change it ?
    Best regards

  21. Hi again,
    I don't whats called.
    But i want to create a Bar with number of each a certain page that can i click on t.ex. page 5 in this bar and can i go back to the mean page.
    How can i do that please?

    Best wishes

  22. I have a question please ,

    If i have 60 student and i want to build a static page (public) and in this page i want to do button box link that prefer to wordpress Login form :

    Must i build web page (site) for every student. That mean i must create 60 wordpress site for every student?
    Can i do that or what is the better solution ?

    Best regards

  23. Hello! You are posting in a forum. and are separate.

    Please read this:

    Before discussing any other things, do you have any questions about that page?

  24. Thank you for answering,
    I f you can answer about my question please ,
    I want to implement this idea,
    I f you can that please , tell me
    Best regards

  25. I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time understanding your question.

    What is the address of the blog you are working on starting with http:// ?

  26. Thank you for answering,
    I will explain my question :
    I have a school with 60 students and each student has his own CV.
    If i want to create a public website with login for each student so can read hans CV only , How can i do that ? and what is the better plugin can i use ?
    Best regards

  27. That is wrong,
    I can't do that with
    I am sorry.

  28. I want only to understand how must i think about this problem .
    If you can help me ,

  29. If i want to create a public website with login for each student so can read hans CV only , How can i do that ? and what is the better plugin can i use ? does not offer the option to install your own plugins, however, you can create a public website on and each student can sign up at to create their own user account.

    Each student would need to sign up separately, but you could invite them. Here's a help page explaining how invites work:

    Before you continue, I would advise making sure you are aware of the differences between and to make sure you have the best setup for your end goal.

  30. Thank you very much,
    you are so kind.

    That mean : in my blog , i will create a page (Dashboard- add new page ) for each student.
    and when each student login to my blog he will go to hans Cv.
    So i must redirect the url for each student depend it on Hans URL CV.
    Nice conversation

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