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How can I delete another blog in my account?

  1. My friend requested to me to make him a blog. I just clicked "register another blog" link. So I mistakenly added his blog in my account. Of course I can't give him my password. The subdomain name that I registered is the one that if appropriate for him.

    Please help me to delete it in my account so I can add it to his.
    Thank you. It's greatly appreciated.

  2. He needs to get his own account. Then, you make him Admin of the blog. Then he deletes you.

  3. Thank you for taking time to reply. How can I make him Admin of the blog?

    Thank you in advace. ☻

  4. Under Options --> Users you can set it there.

  5. Oh thank you. I didn't notice that.
    I have another question.
    That blog is another blog or i can say another subdomain name
    in wordpress(i believe you can get what i mean).
    Will I not loose my 1st blog? or my current account?

    I'm asking this because this is the message in the email they've sent me:

    "If you delete your blog, please consider opening a new
    some time in the future! But remember your current blog is gone

  6. Thank You very much. I figured it out at last.
    I don't need to delete the account just transfer.

  7. Right. Yes, don't delete a blog unless you really want to delete it forever. Just do the admin thing above and he will delete YOU as admin, not the blog as a whole.

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