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How Can I Delete Categories?

  1. There are a few categories (in this case, "Genres") of music on my blog that I want to delete. But I can't seem to get rid of them.

    How can I do it?

  2. why can't you get rid of them? what have you done exactly?

  3. I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you delete the tag from each post that's used it, the tag will vanish from your sidebar.

  4. Gack! I just figured it out:

    Go to your Dashboard ---> Click on Categories ---> Fire away and hit the Delete button.


  5. gag... and i thought you did the most obvious thing before!

  6. for anyone else having problems. a more correct link would be Dashboard>Manage>Categories.

    Category modification is the second to last on the lower directory.

    (took me a while to figure it out too - glad I had enough brains to look on the forum to see if anyone else had had a similar problem.) lol :D

  7. good on you. fiddling through trial and error is how you learn your way around blogging.

  8. "What does this button do?" :)

  9. man, the AJAX interface to delete categories is so frigging slow and half the time they don't delete if you're doing it too fast.

  10. Hello
    New to all this. I am trying to delete on my pages (not posts)
    I went to MANAGE then Categories, but nothing comes up. None of my categories have names. I really don't remember how they got there in the first place. Thanks for any help

  11. Pages don't have categories. Can you rephrase what you're trying to do? Also, please give us a link to your blog. Thanks

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