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How can I delete my old blog?

  1. Hey,

    I used to run the blog A friend moved the blog, so I can host it by myself. The new adress is My problem is: I cannot enter des dashboard of my old blog ( in order to delete it. I cannot use my admin name and password from the new blog. And I cannot use the regular wordpress admin name (philipplaage). So I don't know how to enter and delete the old one.

    Could you help me with that?



  2. Hi Philipp - The old blog is owned by a different user account than the one you're currently logged into. Do you remember your other username or email address?

  3. I asked for a new password with my other email address but received nothing. Is there any way to find out on WHICH email or user the blog is running?

  4. Hi there - I've sent you an email about this.

  5. I didn't receive one on my gmail.

  6. Hi there - Please check your junk/spam folder.

  7. Which mail adress did you use?

  8. The one that is listed for you here:

  9. It's really stange. I didn't get your mail - also not into spam.

  10. That's strange. I just resent it. If you still don't see it, can you check your spam again and also please check the Social and Promotions categories that gmail has and sometimes sends emails into?

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