How can I display more than 5 thumbnails in a gallery?

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    Hi there,

    I would like to have a page with a gallery of ALL the images in the media library (actually I would like to exclude 1 or 2, but this would be in an ideal world!).

    Using the shortcode [gallery include="*" columns="4"] the gallery pulls the images in automatically but displays just 5.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    The blog I need help with is


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    The gallery shortcode displays only the images attached to a post.
    You link apparently has only 5 images attached to the post. (page?)

    If you want to include all the images on one page or post, then you have to include all the ids from all of your other posts.
    Scroll down nearly to the bottom of this link to read details about including galleries from other posts:


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    That is, you have to insert the galley ids for each post so each post will show its gallery on your page.

    Or you have to insert the each image id into the gallery shortcode, separated by commas.


    Thanks @1tess!

    But actually the * wildcard in my shortcode is pulling in the images automatically, without them being attached to the post. Which is great!

    However, it only ever shows the first 5. Which is not great.

    Any other ideas, anyone?


    Whoops, revelartemadrid is me using the admin login!


    Anyone else have any ideas?

    Thank you.


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    well, this will give you more pictures, but still not what you want because one can’t control which pictures appear (the same ones over and over), and it only shows a limited number:
    [gallery id="*"]


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    Also, it looks as if you don’t have a lot of posts yet on that blog, so you could upload copies of all your images (rename them yourself or will do it for you by adding a number to the end of your image-file names) to your gallery page. The copies would then be attached to that page, thus you could display a gallery of all your images.


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    OK. Thought of another idea because it looks like you have 1 image per post.
    But it’s not automatic and will require some fussing with html code:
    copy / paste, not (necessarily) writing it yourself. But also some editing of the html…

    Temporarily switch your blog to private; change theme to “Duotone”
    View blog, then choose “archive” on the navigation menu.
    You should see a page with thumbnails of the first image on each of your posts for the year. (there is an option to see thumbs of first images per month as well)
    Open a window to “view source code” and use your browser’s “find” feature to locate the list of images (find the name of your first picture).
    The source code will be an unordered list.
    Copy the code from

    <ul class="thumbnails">
    to </ul>

    Change your theme back to the one you are using, then make a new gallery page, and paste that html into the html editor.
    It will be an index list of the first images of all of your posts.
    You can then delete all the html code for the unordered list.
    Your images will all be side by side, so you can edit them in the visual editor (or if you know html, use that) to add some space between them.

    Lots of fussing, but then the bonus is that your Gallery page will also have links to your original posts.
    And of course, each time you update your blog, you will want to add the new picture, by copying the link from the source code on duotone.

    Not sure this is what you were hoping to hear…

    Maybe someone else has another idea.


    Once again, thank you so much 1tess!

    But I’m afraid that as the site will be updated regularly by different users, few of which even know what html is, we really wanted a page that shows all of the photo thumbnails automatically (just like the duotone archive page).

    Perhaps there is another theme I haven’t seen, suiting a photo blog, that does this? Duotone is just a bit too basic for us.

    Cheers, Caroline

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