How can I eliminate the grey horizontal line above the title/header in 2011

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    I’m doing some lay out tests with the twenty eleven theme and I’d like to know a couple of things:
    (1) how can I remove the grey horizontal line above the title/header?
    (2) how can I activate a left side bar on the static page used as front page, under the featured posts area and to the left of the latest posts area?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,

    (1) You require CSS editing experience and the purchase of an annually renewable custom design upgrade.

    (2) It’s important to understand how the theme is designed to operate. Once you read this you can answer your own question. The workings of Duster / Twenty Eleven

    (3) Support forum threads contain a treasure chest of information as we rarely get questions here that have not been previously asked and answered. You may wish to consult these threads on Twenty Eleven

    Best wishes with your blog.


    Hello Timethief,

    Thank you very much for your help.

    (1) I have no CSS editing experience; so, provided I got the custom design upgrade, could you tell me if removing that line is a complicated task, or a somewhat accessible one, as I’m hoping, even for someone without experience?

    (2) I’d read that excellent article by Panos that you refer me to before I posted my question, but I must be missing something or doing something wrong. I’ve followed this procedure: “to create this complex showcase front, you go to Pages > Add New and create two pages, then go to Settings > Reading and set the one as your posts page and the other as your front page. The first one must be blank. For the second one you must have selected the showcase template in the Page Attributes module of the page editor”. My front page has a showcase template and the post page a sidebar one; both are empty. Still, the widgets placed on the post page’s side bar don’t show up at the lower left of the front one, as I think they should (if I activate the ephemera widget, it does show; but only that one). I’ve tried switching the page I’ve created to work as the front one to a sidebar template, instead of the showcase one, but then, obviously, the front page stops working.

    I don’t know what I’m missing or doing wrong.


    First off we need a link to the site you are talking about. The site linked to your username is using Pilcrow.

    1) Are you talking about the grey admin bar at the top of the browser window when you are logged in and visit your site? If so, it is not allowed to remove that. When I go to your site it is my admin bar I’m seeing, not yours. When visitors come to your site that are not logged in, they will not see the grey admin bar.

    2) Can’t tell you anything till we can see the actual site.


    Hello again, Timethief,

    I just located the sidebar widget area for the showcase template and have managed to activate widgets in the left sidebar of my front page.

    It never ceases to amaze me how utterly blind I can be sometimes!!! Sorry about that, and many thanks for your patience and help.

    I’d still really appreciate it if you could give me your opinon about whether the issue of removing the top horizontal line with CSS editing might be accessible to someone with no experience, like myself. I promise I’ll keep my eyes wide open this time.

    Thanks, again.


    Did you see my response? Are you talking about the grey admin bar with “Me, Blogs” etc., in it? If so, it is not allowed to remove that. It can get your site suspended or deleted.


    Hello Thesacredpath,

    Sorry about the link. As you might have been already able to tell, I’m quite inexperience in these matters null

    It’s not the grey administration bar I was talking about, but the grey, single horizontal line that frames the very top of the white body of the blog, right above the title, in the header area.

    Again, thanks very much for your patience and help.


    Hello again Thesacredpath,

    The site addres is–I’ll type this time–

    Sorry about the clumbsiness.


    Hello Thesacredpath,

    Skipped a letter. The correct address is: http:/


    Ahhh, ok, this would do it with, but you have to have the Custom Design upgrade to be able to save the change. You can go to appearance > custom design, click on the “CSS” tab and use the preview to see the results.

    #branding {
    border-top: medium none;

    And it is not a problem. We are getting there now.



    Thanks so much for your help!!!, Thesacredpath





    Are you experienced in CSS editing and have you purchased the custom design upgrade?


    Q1 – i get by
    Q2 – yes



    Then you will have to wait for Staff or a Volunteer who helps with CSS to enter this thread and reply to you.

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