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How can I embed a live chat into my blog?

  1. I am hoping to embed a live chat directly into my blog, but I see that as of now I can only post a link to a chatroll, rather than embedding it directly into my blog. Is there any way you can help me get a live chat right on the sidebar or directly on a page of my blog.
    Blog url:

  2. No I'm sorry but we Volunteers are not aware of any chatbox widgets that can be used on free hosted blogs. Also as you found the chatroll thread that was stated there and nothing has changed since yesterday.

  3. Newbie here, first post, and a complete rookie at all of this!

    I have a ChatRoll widget (presently out-of-view) that works just fine on my new WordPress blog ...

    ... but I am not using it at the moment because I do not know whether it is okay to have it there. I have read through all the forum posts related to Chatroll, and I have this question:

    1) Is it, or is it not a TOS violation to have a Chatroll widget on my WordPress page?

    I thank you!

    Joseph Lee

  4. @leejosepho
    You have self hosted blog so why are you posting here to the support forums?
    Read this please and hereafter only post to so you don't cause confusioj by posting again to the wrong support forum.

  5. What I posted above is the correct answer for all free hosted bloggers. Please do not think otherwise.

  6. Please accept my sincere apology as I learn how things are done here.

  7. Not to worry. :) Apology accepted. if you have not already created a username account you register one on the top right hand corner of this page

  8. I had a chat box on an old blog of mine a few years ago, but i can't remember what chat box it was. So, it WAS possible to add a chat box, but maybe things have changed since then. I added it in a text widget that's all i can remember.

  9. Yes things have changed. There used to be 4 different choices we could make bu t the last one disappeared on July 15th.

  10. timethief ignore me!! I just did a search as i remembered it was a Meebo chat box...and it's been discontinued. Shame though.

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