How can I embed an issuu publication link within my wordpress blog?

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    This is maddening. I’ve tried and tried to embed a link to my issuu publication within my wordpress blog and failed totally – despite the fact that both wordpress and issuu purported to give directions on how to do this.

    The directions involved getting an embed code, which I found on issuu for my publication. But when I paste the embed code in either a wordpress post or in a wordpress sidebar text/html, wordpress fails to recognize it. I’ve struck out on numerous attempts.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks much.


    PS: A related and equally maddening issue. I can’t figure any way to display links to other blogs. WordPress allows me to create new links. So I create a link, but it appears nowhere on my blog. Any link I create does appear on the list of links that I as the blog owner can see, but they are nowhere to be seen by a blog visitor.

    The blog I need help with is



    Issu: Please follow the instructions that Panos (another forum volunteer) has written up here

    Links: adding links in the dashboard is the first part of the process. If you want them to appear in your site’s sidebar, you need to add the “Links” widget.


    Many thanks to justjennifer for your help with this issue. Don

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