How can I embed maps into an existing page?

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    I’m trying to embed a map made through onto the About page of my blog.

    I followed the instructions for embedding a Google map; when I did this a link to the map showed up on the page.

    If possible I want the map to actually appear on the page, so there is no link involved. I’ve taken the code from and inserted it into the html content on the page.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to embed one of these maps?
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    You can easily embed Google Maps into your blog. Please review this guide on how to embed Google Maps onto your blog.


    Thanks for the reply! I already the thing about Google maps. The problem I’m having is that I want to embed a non-Google map, and when I do, there’s no image, only a link….



    Unfortunately, we can’t allow the code other maps use for security and stability purposes.

    In this case, you’ll only be able to use Google Maps.


    Thanks for the clarifying, this answer my question perfectly. I think I’ll survive without a map, but if not I’ll stick to Google.

    Thanks for the answers!



    You’re welcome!

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