How can I embed music tracks from Myspace?

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    Hello, I have looked around the forums but I can’t find an answer to my question. Is it possible to embed a music track (ie: the track, not a video) from Myspace?

    I found the advice here and tried to embed using this instruction:
    “Upload an mp3 file somewhere on the internet and link to it using our audio shortcode (if you have found a mp3 file elsewhere, simply grab its URL). To do this, switch to the HTML view when creating/editing a post or page. Next, enter the shortcode, which looks like this: [audio ], with the address inside. For example:
    will produce the following player:…”

    The problem is that while a player DOES appear, it won’t play anything, it simply buffers continuously.
    Is there a simple way to specifically embed music tracks from MYSPACE? It seems like something that many people would be interested in doing.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Please provide the URL for the post with the audio file in it.


    A link to the audio file would be nice as well.



    Yes, it would. Coffee required!

    BTW top ‘o the day to you. :)


    G’Day TT. I’m waiting on the coffee to finish brewing. Should hear the beep any minute now.



    Hi there, many thanks for your response (I hope you had a good weekend).

    The reason why I didn’t post a URL was because I wasn’t having problems with a particular track on a particular post, but rather I was having this problem systematically (ie: with all tracks on all posts). Given it wasn’t working, I deleted the player.

    Hence, my core question is, is there a simple way to embad tracks from Myspace either using a code preface (eg: like a Vimeo video or Soundcloud file)? Failing that, is there a way to use Myspace’s own Embed code with WordPress (it doesn’t work for me). Or is there an audio equivalent of Vpod?

    In answer to your questions as regards the actual WordPress player – I’ve tried embedding it again to show you what I mean – if you scroll to the end of this page you’ll see a little WordPress player – for me it buffers, but doesn’t play. Ie: it is the same error.
    The URL for the track itself is here:

    Thanks again for your help and, I guess, Good Morning! (I think we have the Atlantic between us?)


    1) Your player buffers because the URL you used is the URL of a page, not the URL of an mp3.

    2) No, there’s no easy way. You have to view the sourcecode of the page, locate the right URL and turn it into a wp-specific shortcode:

    [gigya src=",skinid=44,ap=0,songid=54636297,artid=13532828,profid=13849884,pfc=SitesMusicSongDetail" width="400" height="77" AllowScriptAccess="always" quality="high" wmode="transparent" ]

    Then you’ve got to add the credits this way:
    <p>Find more artists like <a target="_blank" href="">Blue Foundation</a> at <a target="_blank" href=""> Myspace Music</a></p>

    Paste all into the HTML editor.



    Hi Panaghiotisadam, thanks for the help!
    I was wondering how that URL was working vis a vis pointing to the track vs the page but it was hard to isolate the track from the page. But using the code you suggested is working and it’s easy enough to just swap the Song ID and use it for other myspace embeds.
    Thanks!! :-)

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