How can I entice you to my blog?

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    Don’t know if this question has already been asked, didn’t have time to scroll through all 645 pages, but how do I entice people to view my blog so that I can get feedback and comments? I’m a budding writer with no marketing experience so I’m a bit lost here, hope someone can lend a hand with a few tips please

    The blog I need help with is



    Has it already been asked? Literally, thousands of times in this forum alone. Why don’t you try a forum search and find the tips that have already been made.


    How about leaving a trail of breadcrumbs? That might work.



    You only need to look back 3 or 4 days to find probably 6 threads on this.- in the threads you will find links to many helpful articles – if you don’t have the whatever to look back a few days and use the search function you probably don’t have the whatever to build your site. Building a site is hard work no matter how you look at the work involved.



    Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner but been busy with my life, thanks for suggestions will implement them soon as I find this whatever you mentioned


    good luck jandomagala, it is hard work, but worth it :D X




    Ditto raincoaster and auxclass, but your blog is very new – October 23 – and these things take time.



    Thanks sharonharvey2 and ronsrealm for your comments. It is worth all the effort and hard work, I didn’t realise just how hard but I’m enjoying every minute of it and to actually connect with others is just brill.
    I’ve spent all morning going through threads on Amazon to try and leave a trail about my new book and just got to keep at it, get involved more and see what happens.



    Hello there,
    If you have a new blog, whether you are blogging on software software or on another blogging platform , then don’t be surprised if you can’t find it on Google or on Yahoo or Bing immediately. It can take from 4 – 6 weeks or more to add any new sites, but this post contains ten tips for expediting the process.
    OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google

    In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content, optimize it and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not. If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic. Thus, what determines success is two things:
    * whether or not your content is found, and
    * whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.
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    Thank you timethief for your reply it’s been most helpful.



    You’re welcome. :)

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