How can I export my media library?

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    I am moving this blog: to a totally different CMS, and i need my media library. Is there an easy way to download this without having to go through the PITA of manually downloading every piece of media?

    The blog I need help with is



    If your new CMS does not have the ability to import WordPress content there is no easy way. There is not FTP access on WordPress.COM so you can’t just backup the media library – one by one it

    The only workaround would be to install WordPress.ORG on your PC then import your blog to your PC – WordPress.ORG should be able to help with that

    The only other option I know of is to install WordPress .ORG on your new host (most hosts have a one button install now) – then import your blog to the new host then delete the WordPress.ORG install files and keep the media files – you could move the media files to a new location just in case when you delete the WordPress.ORG install

    Sorry not any better help

    NOTE: if you do the import to your own install – the only media files that are transferred are the ones that are part of Posts and Pages – if you have media that is not attached to a Post or Page it will not be transferred

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