How can I find back the revision of a drafting post?

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    Hi, while I was writing my new post , I cut and pasted an image in the editor and then all the content were gone! Ctrl-Z didn’t work and. In just a few seconds, the editor auto-saved the draft and I couldn’t get back what I wrote. How can I retrieve it?

    I believe there’s earlier revision but there’s no history button in the editor for non-published post.

    I spent nights to write that article and I don’t want lose it T.T


    The blog I need help with is




    Checked other drafts and posts. They have the revisions. Only the one I mentioned have the revisions missing.

    I edited the draft for few nights and each time I get back to the draft through the admin page. Thus I pretty sure the draft was saved in the server before. Please help to recover.



    Now I typed few more words in the draft and save. The history button comes back but there’s no previous revision expect the empty one.

    Any help please?



    Could any staff give a response and help please?


    Hi there, to help us figure out what happened, can you tell us which browser and browser version you were using when this occurred so we can look into this further?

    Unfortunately, the missing content was never saved on our servers since there is no revision history for that post, which means we have no way to recover it for you.

    The one thing I would suggest would be until we can get to the bottom of this would be when creating a new post, add a title, then add a bit of content and manually save that post and make sure that the History link appears at the top center adjacent to the save link.



    That’s heartbreaking. The post spent me a week and I couldn’t rewrite it now.

    I was using Firefox 61.0.2 on Windows 10. Hope this kind of tragedy won’t happen anymore.



    Thanks for the info.

    We definitely also don’t want this to happen, and we’re trying to track down the cause. Reports like yours help us to replicate the issue and narrow down exactly why it happens, so thank you for that.

    For the time being I’d recommend you keep a close eye on the Save indicator in the editor. If you don’t see it change to “Saving…Saved” if you stop typing for a few seconds, please click on it to trigger a manual save. And once you’re sure it has saved, try clearing your browser cache to see if that makes any difference going forward.

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