how can I find out if my blog is marked, or have other issues?

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    how can I find out if my blog is marked, or have other issues?
    if I score some my blog as spam or as mature, as it can be informed immediately?
    thank you so much

    The blog I need help with is




    What does that mean?


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    If your blog was marked as mature, then in these forums, your username would not link to your site, nor would the link to your blog be visible to the public. (staff and moderators only)

    If your blog was marked as spam, then if you do have a spam site, it would get suspended. I don’t see any reason your site would be reported as spam, and it’s up and online since February 2010.

    Why are you wondering about these questions?



    because I have seen a instant slowdown traffic
    I have not changed anything in the blog, and a sharp slowdown thought to explanations from visibility
    thank yoy so much


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    I’m not sure where you are blogging from, but it looks like (from the flag counter in your sidebar) you have a lot of readers from the U.S.

    Yesterday (Thursday) was Thanksgiving which is a big family-holiday when lots of folks are traveling for a long weekend to visit families. It’s also the weekend when people here begin the big shopping spree for Christmas gifts next month.

    My opinion only, but that could very well explain a decline in traffic on your blog right now.



    this answer is clarifies for me, thanks

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