How can I find out why a website has been blocked by Automattic?

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    My client’s IP address has been blacklisted and I don’t know why. They have a WordPress self-hosted site where they blog about frugal living, green living, savings ideas, etc. We also do guest posts with like-minded bloggers, and having a link in the About This Author section back to my client’s site causes a complete shutdown of the blog that is hosted by Automattic. I cannot find any way to reach them directly to even know why my client’s site is blacklisted or what can be done to correct it. They don’t engage in black hat techniques and haven’t been hacked…but maybe we’re missing something. Please advise if this is something that can resolved through a forum. If so, I’ll be happy to share whatever additional information is needed to clear this up or at least get an understanding of what’s going on.



    What is “the blog that is hosted by Automattic?” What does it have to do with your client’s blog? If your client is using a blog to direct traffic to his blog, then yes, that’s a violation of the ToS and will get the blog shut down.

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