How can I fit excel spreadsheets into my article?

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    I have a spreadsheet that goes to row M and I’d like to fit into a blog post. When I copy and paste you can only see up to row G. Is there a way to fix that? I’m currently using Office 2010. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want to embed the document itself, you will have to use a third party application like Scribd or Google Docs. Otherwise, the documents will appear as a download link.
    To upload a document and add its download link to a blog post or page see


    If you are comfortable with HTML, you can write your table using the HTML editing mode. Or, in your spreadsheet software you can save your spreadsheet table as a web page (HTML file). Then by looking at the html file you created in a text editor like notepad, you can copy everything between the <table> </table> tags into your post. Of course you would have to be careful that your table width does not exceed the width of your post space, but the length of your table should not matter. I do notice that you have a nice looking table in your post on June 29, so perhaps you have figured it all out.


    Oops, you would copy everything INCLUDING your opening and closing table tags into your post.

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