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how can i fix my pixelated photos?

  1. Hello, i have just realised that all my photos on my blog are a bit blurry and pixelated. They are of a high quality in iPhoto, but when uploaded to my media library they become blurred. The proper image is there, however, if i go to 'view' for an individual photo, and then click on actual size- it comes up i need to change the size/ pixels before uploading?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Images uploaded to your blog lose some color and sharpness when the inserted version is a scaled down version of the file you have uploaded. So, yes, for best quality on the post you need to scale down your images before uploading them, so that their pixel width doesn't exceed the width of the main column of the theme you're using. For Twenty Ten, this means maximum 640px.

  3. hello,
    thanks very much for the useful reply. I have tried changing the pixels in Photoshop (image size) - and then uploading the photo, but it doesn't seem to be much better. How would you go about changing the pixel width?

  4. I use Gimp - but when I scale down an image - I then sharpen it (I like the Unsharp function myself) - and I think that helps - a pro photographer friend gave me that hint some time back - makes the colors more vivid also.

  5. @tess0910: You're welcome.
    But I'm afraid I'm puzzled by your question: if you have Photoshop, and tried selecting "Image size" from the Image menu, the topmost field in the popup is Width.

  6. Hello justpi. Yes I did change the pixel width in photoshop, I got that far!
    But thought the images were still a little blurred....I will try again as maybe I got mixed up somewhere along the new to blogging and not a photoshop user so thanks for the patience!

  7. Problem all sorted...thank you for your help :-)

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