How can I fix the Home button?

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    How do I fix this mistake? My About button properly appears in the header section (I think that’s right), and clicking on it brings us to the About text. The Home button, however, finds itself in header section AND in the Recent Posts column. In the header section, the Home button doesn’t work; in the Recent Posts, it does work. How do I get Home out of Recent Posts and, working properly, in the header section?
    Many thanks.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    What you’re referring to as Home in Recent Posts is actually a Post:

    Instead, try copying and pasting that content into a Page titled Home, then set that Page as your Front Page:




    Thanks for the advice. It worked immediately. One remaining problem: now the header line (if that’s where it is) the new Home page is properly installed next to the properly installed About page. However, the ‘old’ Home button still appears, so the header says: Home About Home. When I try to edit, the Pages editing page shows only the two accurate pages, so I can’t delete the ‘wrong’ Home button.. The Header screen shows the title of my blog but none of the buttons.
    In short, I can’t find the place to go to eliminate this button.
    Thanks again.
    I’m pedaling as fast s I can, and I’ll eventually learn all this.



    Hey there, it looks like you created a page to be your homepage. You just need to select it under your Reading Settings, here:

    Where you see “Front page displays”, you need to select “A static page” and then select “Home” form the dropdown menu.

    You might also be interested in using Custom Menus, rather than the default. You can learn more about Custom Menus here:

    The video at the bottom of that page can really help.

    Please let us know if you still have questions. Happy Blogging!

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