how can I force an update to RSS?

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    Is there a way to force an update to my RSS feed after I’ve made a revision to a blog post? I’ve noticed that once I publish a post, the RSS feed goes out and I can see it in my own RSS reader, but then I can’t change it afterward if I change anything in the post itself. Frustratingly (and sometimes embarrassingly), the RSS keeps showing the old version, even after I manually tell my reader to update the feed.



    Go to you Dashboard and click on Settings. Go to Reading. Under the heading, “Syndication feeds show the most recent” change the number in the box. If it says 5, change it to 2…or whatever. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Save Changes. This will update your feed. Now, change the number back to whatever it was and click Save Changes again. The downside to this is that the feed re-publishes each time you change the number, so your readers will have duplicate posts dumped into their readers. It does completely refresh your feed, though.


    Thanks for your help, beemeister!



    Many feed readers cache the content of the feed. They don’t always check back for updates to a post.

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