How can I forward my site to my domain http://tysnaden

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    I’ve just recently created a new site on photoshelter, and I was hoping to use my domain to forward to

    It’s asking me to register it as a new CNAME, but in the DNS manager I can’t seem to figure it out.
    Blog url:



    To point the domain you registered at to another server (hosting service), please follow the instructions here.



    Unfortunately photoshelter does not provide nameservers. Photoshelter support told me I had to ‘park’ the domain with the current host (which is WP’s automattic) and then I would have access to DNS settings to set up a CNAME.

    I’ve parked the domain, and I’ve tried to create a CNAME DNS record under the ‘edit DNS’ link next to my domain name in my wordpress profile (I don’t have access to DNS manager under automattic) and created the DNS record ‘CNAME’ But I don’t think I’ve done this correctly.

    What would the proper DNS record be to do this?



    The CNAME varies depending on where you’re directing it. You’ll need to contact Photoshelter for the correct CNAME value.

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