How can i get a lot of hits?

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    How can i get a lot of hits? i got 76 in one day and then the nexy i got 9. how can i maintain high hits


    Please don’t post the same question multiple times, it causes a lot of extra work for the volunteers here. See the other post you made where I posted a good link to information for you.



    There is no definite answer I’m afraid, unless you actually write content that gets people interested enough to come back as well as attract new people then you will have highs and lows.



    {waving to TSP and Steve}
    I think this Beginner’s Guide will be helpful if you are looking for basic how to’s

    There’s a Critique My Blog thread in the off-topic forum

    There is also a thread you can plug your blog in in the off-topic forum

    And here are some ways to promote your blog.
    A. Find technorati on the web. Register and create an account, claim your blog(s), tag them, create a watchlist, register your favorites. You will find that the site has excellent instructions to help you work through all the steps. That assistance is not available here.

    B. Also be sure to register your blog so you get the attention of search engines
    Submit your site here Submit it to ONLY the top 40 search engines. They’ll ask you to paste their code on your site. You will then get a few emails asking to confirm your submissions.

    C. If you want to be sure you’ve covered the bases when it comes to blog promotion then this is a helpful link

    D. We also have many threads in the forum search box on increasing traffic to your blog. From time to time we start another one reiterate everything that’s been said before and occasionally we add new ideas.

    In a nutshell:
    (1) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you edit your profile and link your username to your blog.

    (2) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you regularly post high quality, original content posts to your blog and build a faithful readership.

    (3) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you tag your posts with categories that are specific to your blogging topics.

    (4) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you invest time and energy into leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, in forums and on websites related to your blogging topics.

    (5) Promoting your blog may be more effective if you join social networks.



    what are hits



    The number of pages that are viewed on your website is a really basic definition. You can have 10 visitors and 20 hits if each person looks at 2 pages a piece. Any combination is possible.


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