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How can I get a new Blogroll Link displayed?

  1. Hi, I can't get a new link displayed in my blogroll.
    As far as I can see, I've set it up properly.
    Also clearing browser cache and deleting cookies didn't help.
    Any ideas?

    Best Regards,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do these guides help?
    create a blogroll
    display it in a Links widget
    Note: If some links are not showing up in the links widget, make sure you’ve assigned a category to each link.

  3. No - I'm sorry! Looks like I've done everything as described in above mentioned links!

  4. Everything as described? You haven't even added the Links widget: you've added the Blogs-I-Follow widget instead.

  5. OK - this is a translation issue.
    However, I still want to show up a blog address in the Blogs-I-Follow field I've actived! Any more clues?

  6. The Blogs-I-Follow widget automatically displays the blogs you follow. If you want it to display one more blog, you need to subscribe to that blog.
    The blogs you have subscribed to aren't the same as your blogroll: one may very well provide links to other blogs or sites of interest without necessarily having subscribed to them. You really need to create Links and add the Links widget as per timethief's instructions.

  7. Ok - I will set it up again. Thanks everybody for your input!

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