How can I get a pages list to exclude the pages I've set it to exclude?

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    I’ve used the pages widget to have a list of pages, but want to exclude 2 pages. I’ve put the URLs in the ‘exclude’ box, but they are still showing.

    The support on the pages widget says that the URL should have a number in it, but mine don’t. Am I using the right URL? If not, how do I get the URL?

    The blog I need help with is



    Make sure you are looking at the URL that is in your address bar when you are editing the page, not the URL for the published page on your blog.

    To get that URL, go to your dashboard, then go to Pages -> All Pages. Click on the title of the page you want to exclude. Then look at the address bar in your browser. Now, you don’t want to paste the full URL in the “exclude” box; you only want the page ID. Near the end, it should say something like “post.php?post=2&action=edit” You want to look for that number and paste just the number in the “exclude” box in the pages widget.



    Oops, I meant to say, look for this part of the URL:


    The page ID is that number. I hope that’s a little clearer. :)




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    Thanks expattranslator – that’s fixed it.
    Timethief – I did read that page but didn’t understand the important part…

    Many thanks :)



    expattranslator provided a good explanation. Best wishes to you.



    @ tokoloshe2013
    You’re welcome! I’m glad that clarified things for you.

    @ timethief
    :) Good morning! (Or, in my part of the world, good evening!)

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