How can I get a snap shot preview for my blog

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    I notice when I place my cursor over a person’s name, a picture of their blog pops up. I see this feature comes from I signed up for it. But I got lost when it came time copy and paste the code. I don’t know where to paste the code. Then they have “quick” install for wordpress bloggers. That didn’t work for me because it requires activation of plug-ins. In sum, how can I activate that preview feature for my blog?




    The “wordpress bloggers” and plugin bit are for those folks running the software from When developers mean those blogs hosted here at, they’ll ususally state that specifically.

    Eastiest way to see the snap popups is to include some links to other sites in your posts. I don’t see any in any of yours. That’s when they come into play.

    Also make sure that the system is activated for your blog. Dashboard -> Presentation -> Extras -> Make sure that box is checked.

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    Thanks for your quick response. The box is checked in my Dashboard/Presentation/Extras. I’m going to add some links to my posts, and I’ll see what happens.

    Thanks a bunch.



    It should work on the old links now. Note that many people are reporting it’s not working in links on the sidebar right now.



    When I make a comment on someone else’s blog, I want people to see a preview of my blog site when they place the cursor over my name.

    1. On, they have a code that one can copy-paste in their “HTML file”.

    Their instructions:
    (Then go to your HTML file and paste the code before the </body> tag.)

    Is it possible to do this with If so, where is the HTML file?

    2. Is’s snap shot even available to users? Their web site suggests that the code can be posted on any web site.




    At we cannot access the template files indicated in these instructions and add html to it. If you could edit your template then because we are all on a multi-user blogging platform everyone with the same theme as you would be cursed with “snap”. As it was we had to launch a protest to get the ability to turn the ding dong thing off.



    You can’t control the settings on other people’s blogs, so no, you can’t do what you want. It’ll happen automatically in blogs where they’ve enabled Snap, unless the individuals reading it have turned Snap off for themselves, but that’s the best you can do.

    Snap Preview is an option on all blogs, under Presentation.




    You may not be aware of your readers experience when you enable “snap” on your blog. Here’s a brief summary:

    (1) Keep in mind that 70% of those using the net are on dial-up service and that “snap” slows down page loading time whrther or not the reader is on dial-up or broadband service.
    (2) It crashes Netscape 7.1
    (3) When surfing the web if your readers usually check the status bar along the bottom of their browser windows to see where the link is headed – “snap” takes that away.
    (4) Although “snap” does give the option to the reader of “disabling” it this inconvenience also takes time and it doesn’t stick if your readers clear their cookies.
    (5) In IE7, if you do a right click to open up a link in a new tab and “snap” pops up, then you lose the right click menu as well. It’s defaults to the image, not the link.
    (6) It doesn’t crash IE6 but the right click function is gone.

    Suffice to say that many adjustments need to be made to “snap” and in case you can’t tell I loathe it.



    The fact that you “loathe” snap is an understatement! However, your comments are well-taken.



    Many folks don’t like it.



    Thanks for being a good sport and looking at the other side of the coin. I was so irked about “snap” that I blogged what you read above.

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