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How can I get back a blog name that I accidentally deleted?

  1. I used to have and I am not sure what I did (it was a while ago) but I think I deleted it and ended up with

    Eventually, I started a new account with a different email address and have a blog there called that I have done well with.

    I want to completely abandon the original account. I also want to rename the blog to be, but I no longer have access to that address and don't know how to get it back.

    Sorry this is so confusing!!!! Any help is appreciated...
    Blog url:

  2. You cannot get back a deleted blog URL. Once it is deleted, it is gone forever. There are clear warnings during the process that this is permanent.

  3. no room for changing one's mind then, eh? seems a little rigid

  4. That makes sense, when it comes to claiming someone else's deleted address. I just wish that wordpress could see when it was your own previous address (same account and everything) and let you revive it in case you made a mistake or changed your mind.

  5. We Volunteers always recommend making the visibility of blogs "private" rather than deleting them. However, every day we experience bloggers who create and delete multiple blogs. :(

  6. There are three warnings, in three different places including an email, asking if you're sure. I don't know what else WP could do, particularly when you realize some are deleted because of account insecurity or online impersonation.

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