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How can I get back to my homepage after visiting a menu item?

  1. darkheartedwomen

    I have four menu items on my sidebar. How do I fix it so readers can get back to my homepage (posting page) after reading on the menu. I'm very new at this, so don't leave out any assumed steps. Thanks.
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  2. Your visitors can click the site title and return to the front page of your blog from any page they are on. They can also click post title links in the Recent Posts widget. You can also install an Archives widget if you wish.

  3. darkheartedwomen

    Can I install a "Home" button that will take the viewer back to the homepage?

  4. There is a ready made "Home" button you can use if you create a custom menu.

  5. darkheartedwomen

    Sorry, I don't see it. Is it called something else? I have installed aHome button, but it doesn't take me to my post page. It has a Facebook button and a Twitter button on the page that it takes me to, but not my post page.

  6. ❇ Home link
    Clicking Select All in the Pages module will reveal a ready-to-use “Home” item.

  7. darkheartedwomen

    Yes, that site helped. Thank you.

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