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How can I get BlogThis! Style functionality? (Bookmarklet to post to wordpress)

  1. I am considering switching from Blogger to WordPress. One feature that I'm used to in Blogger is being able to hit BlogThis! on any web page with text selected and automatically having that text appear in the new post that I write on my blog. How can I get a similar function with WordPress? I assume that someone has created a favelet or bookmarklet to accomplish this functionality, since I recall that before I blogged with Blogger I blogged with Userland's products and they had such functionality. I was unable to discover an answer using Google to search for one, so your help would be much appreciated!

  2. We have what's labeled as the "PressIt!" bookmarklet that's included on the Write Post page. Hadn't tried it before but I just did a test post on my site and it copied the highlighted text and put a link in the post box plus added the title page as the title of my post.

    *chuckle* Wish I had tried that earlier. :)

    Docs here


  3. If you use Firefox (and why don't you!) the Performancing extension works very well including adding Technorati tags to your posts.

  4. If you use Firefox (and why don't you!)

    College computer that's locked down. Nothing new can be installed. Why they just don't use dumb terminals, I don't know. Being on a pair of OC-192's here is nice though. :)


  5. beautiful - much better than BlogThis!

  6. PressThis does not appear to give me the same functionality as BlogThis when using Firefox on a Mac.
    PressThis only links the current page and this is always my blog or a random or linked blog as PressThis appears on the WordPress desktop only (if it's only on the WritePost page then it's own blog only) and it doesn't always appear to work even then.
    BlogThis can (and has) been added to the Firefox Bookmarks toolbar and then works (creating a linked post as described )above for any webpage I happen to be on.
    Is it possible to do this with

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