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How can I get both of my blogs onto my dashboard?

  1. I just started a 2nd blog on WordPress and I can not get to the new one from my dashboard button, Is there a way to be able to get to both blogs from one dashboard? When I am on my new blog and click on dashboard it goes to my first blog? Any ideas?

  2. Have you tried logging out and then logging back in? That is what I had to do each time I added a new blog. It should show "My Dashboards" in the menu bar and a drop down list with both blogs.


  3. As well, standard message.....clear cache and cookies to be sure!

  4. Hi Trent! I tried both of these suggestions but neither helped! The only time that it says "my dashboards" is when I am on this forum page!

  5. Wesnlani,

    Please send in a feedback on Monday (maybe Tuesday if staff are taking President's Day Off) about this issue! Make sure you are detailed on what you have tried and what you are seeing including the part about my dashboards showing this forum, but not on other pages. They will have to take a look at it!


  6. Thanks! I appreciate your help!

  7. When you're in the dashboard for one of your blogs, you won't have the dashboard menu up top. You have to "view site" (or go to another wp page like this one) to get the menu. There's no way to switch dashboards directly within the dashboards themselves.

    Edit: It also took more than a few tries for my additional blog to show up on that menu (still isn't there consistently, but i'll give it a few more days)

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