How can I get decending post order?

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    How can I get decending post order? I want the oldest post to remain at the top of the main page and newer post to fall below it.
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    Blogs are chronological by nature, but you can get around it by manually editing the post’s publish date after publishing the post.


    I just looked under the “POST” tab and reviewed my individual test post as well as tried to create a new post to look for the ability to change date and I dont see it.

    One would think that something such a decending/acending order function would be simple especially in a blog. Perhaps its the theme I have ?



    Blogs are, by definition, chronological journals with the latest post up first. After all, no one wants to scroll through endless old posts to see the latest news.

    When you edit a post, look to the left in the “Publish” box to the right and click the Edit link next to “Published on.”


    It sounds as if your WP layout or version might be different – but I did locate it.

    when I create/edit a post the publish box is on my right and already present. My options were from the “Publish: Immediately” edit field.

    While this fixes the immediate post I imagine Ill be disinterested in doing it everytime.

    Chronologically I would like my blog to read from start to finish as I’m blogging about a project/process….post are meant as steps along the way. So it should read as Origin to end result to keep the reader engaged in “what’s next in the process.”

    I appreciate your help MacmanX – I still feel though there SHOULD be a better solution and if there really isnt (which I find hard to believe with the power of WP and code) I have to admit I’m disappointed by such an oversight.

    If you were blogging about preparing a feast for thanksgiving….you wouldnt start with the finished meal. You’d have post a few days before about shopping, then about prepping, then about cooking, then about eating the finished meal.



    We’ll definitely consider it, but I don’t think it will gain much traction to be honest.

    If I were reading a blog about preparing a feast for Thanksgiving, I’d definitely love to start with a post about shopping, but I wouldn’t want to have to scroll past it the next day to read step two, then scroll past both steps one and two to read step three the following day, and so on.



    Here’s something you might want to try:

    It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it will give you a way to control how folks browse through your blog.

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