How can I get imported comments to associate with the correct post?

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    I have been trying to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress for nearly a month now. I have fixed every glitch except one–nearly all the comments between March 15 and June 16 are blank AND either associated with the wrong post OR associated with no post at all. (Roughly 130 comments) Only 4 comments made during this time period are showing up on the correct post. I have tried importing and reimporting my blog every which way but loose and six ways from Sunday and I can not get these comments to show up OR or associate with the correct post. When I try to move the messed up comments to the trash, I get an error message at the bottom of the page that says “You do not have permission to do that.” If I try to edit the comment I get an error message stating “You are not allowed to edit this comment.” I can unapprove the empty comment but nothing else. The check box that is normally located to the right of the post in the Comments section of the Dashboard is missing for most of these messed-up imported comments.

    How on earth can I fix this problem?

    If you would like to see My Blogger blog (so you can see what the comments for the March 15-June 16 posts are supposed to look like), it is located at — and that’s where it will stay until this glitch is fixed!

    Thank you!
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    Sounds like something has gone very wrong with one of your first imports. I’m not sure what happened to your comments, but I’m almost positive there is not an easy way to fix mis-posted comments once they are out of place like you described.

    What I would recommend is starting over from the beginning and use the export file method to import. This means that we must completely empty everything from the blog and you will not be able to get that data back. Is that okay?

    Note that for a re-import to go smoothly, the images referenced in the old blog must be working online at the time of import. Looks like in this case, your Blogger blog is still up and running, so you shouldn’t have a problem re-importing them if we start from scratch. If the comments don’t import correctly after that, then we’ll need to do some further testing.


    Thank you! Yes, it is absolutely OK to empty everything in the blog and start over; as you’ve pointed out, my Blogger blog is still up and running, and all the data is still there. I would have emptied out the whole WordPress blog and started over if I could figure out how to do it.



    We’ve emptied your blog as requestion, please try to reimport your content again from Blogger.


    The 129 messed-up comments are still there in the blog. I think I should wait to reimport my content until you can empty out the comments.



    I’m sorry about that. I re-emptied the blog, and it should be good now.

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