how can I get my custom colour changes to take effect?

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    Hi. I have the custom upgrade packaged. I went into my CSS and afterwards the colour of my headings is black. When I go into Custom Design –> Colours, I am able to change the colour of Headings & Navigation to #f08431, which I want, but then after saving the changes, the headings are still in black.

    The blog I need help with is


    Custom CSS in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor overrides the colors you picked in colors tool. For example, you have saved the following custom CSS which sets post titles to black:

    .post .title a:link, .post .title a:visited, .page .title a:link, .page .title a:visited {
    	color: #000

    Note that instead of copying most of the original stylesheet into the CSS editor, you can just add in the changes you’d like to make that are different from the original theme. This will also make the colors tool work better since you won’t be overriding it with custom rules.

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