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How can I get my gravatar picture to appear on my blog?

  1. I can't get my gravatar image to appear on my blog. It shows up as a green geometric design. What do I need to do to get my picture to appear?
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  2. See here for uploading a gravatar >
    For best practices for successfully uploading your Gravatar, Avatar and/or Blavatar images scroll down below the video here >

  3. To set up display of avaratrs/gravatars on your own blog go here > Settings > Discussion and scroll way down the page to "Avatars".

    Lastly, note that registering a gravatar does not result in an instant display. It may take a few days to appear.

  4. If you go to your Gravatar account, click "Manage My Gravatars" then click on the picture you want to use, a little pop up window should come up asking you to confirm the change. Once that's done it should show correctly on your blog.

  5. I have done all that and all I get is a green geometric shape thing appearing where my picture should. Under my account it shows the picture I have uploaded but on my blog it does not show up. Is there something else I could be missing?

  6. The picture you uploaded is on there, it should be the first thing that shows though not that big blue and white G. Clicking on an image and clicking confirm should do it.

    Bearing in mind if you've done this recently, it can take a bit for the changes to take effect.

  7. I uploaded it in june. It shouldn't take 3 weeks to appear. I have clicked on it and I have clicked confirm.

  8. If you want a picture of yourself on your sidebar though if it's taking ages for Gravatar to do its thing, although I don't see why it should if done properly, you can just use the Picture widget and upload a picture to WordPress and do it that way.

  9. Are you able to delete that big Gravatar logo?

  10. the only pictures I see are the ones I have uploaded. The only time I see that logo is when it appears on my blog.

  11. =/ Is your gravatar rated "G"?

  12. i think pg

  13. It's important to know that Gravatar images are cached. If you keep uploading over and over what happens is you delay the time it takes for them to display. Here's the support link >

  14. Change it to G, that may make a difference.

  15. Your gravatar has now appeared in this forum thread. The first place they appear is here.

  16. It's on my blog too!! I changed it to g. It appears that was the trick. Thanks for all your help!!

  17. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on me. :D

    No problem at all, it was a learning experience for us both.

  18. The same thing has happened to me, the picture is uploaded, I dont know which page to click and confirm it that options never come up for me, my settings are on G I have been searching for weeks for a solution to this, please help!

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