How can I get my latest post to appear on the front page?

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    My two latest posts haven’t appeared on the front page and my blog is set to automatically do this.
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    Please check that some of your posts are not set as ‘Sticky’ posts. This could be the cause of your posts being in the wrong order.


    Tried this, still not appearing on front page. So on my screen , I don’t see the latest post and have to scroll arrow across top to get to it. Do others have the same if they log in to my home page?



    The first post on your page that I see is, “Screaming Ice Creams: Dirty Diaper, Garlic & Blue Cheese,” which is set as a Sticky post, followed by “No Help Needed: A Mother’s Chagrin” from August 18th.

    This appears to be what you have in your Dashboard as well.

    Should a different post be up top?


    Thanks, I think it’s ok – for some reason on my safari (mac) it doesn’t appear as a front page but it does when I log into the website. thanks for the help.



    You’re welcome!

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