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how can i get my posts from top to bottom?

  1. Hi, I noticed that when I write a new post, it shows at the top of the page, but I would prefer to have my last post at the top, and the one I have just written underneath. Instead I have to read from the bottom of the page to the top of the page, which I didn't want.So if anybody visits, they have to read from the bottom of the page, which I didn't want.
    can anybody help? thank you.

  2. You are asking for the traditional blog order to be completely reversed.

    Blogs by definition have the freshest posts at the top; the idea being that most readers will have read from the beginning or will deliberately go to the beginning.

    It is possible to have the arrangement you wish, but it's labour-intensive. What you have to do is, when you make a blog post, you have to edit the timestamp so that it appears to be previous to all other posts on your blog.

    Be aware that blog readers will generally not expect that.

  3. Ok, thank you. I am quite new to blogging, but if readers generally go straight to the beginning, then it's not a problem.I think I shall leave it as it is.
    Thankyou again.
    Much appreciated.

  4. I'm sure if you've got the Recent Posts and Search widgets in your sidebar your readers will be able to find their way. Those two are important, though.

  5. hansworldtravels

    Hey RainC,

    you're in the know here. under "settings" -> "reading" -> "front page displays" couldn't this issue be resolved relatively easily by inserting a criteria "category" = "first post" or some other definable "category" that could be added to your list. Categories, to the best of my understanding are just internal organizational tools and have little to do with people searching google, etc., to find your post correct?

    if this "front page displays" is nothing more than a query device that searches for this "page" then displays it, wouldn't it be similar in order to a category search for a specific name established as the "key word" by the admins?

    just an idea.

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