How can I get my profile information to appear on my blog’s homepage?

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    First of all, let me say that I’ve already seen this: and it doesn’t seem to answer my question. Under Your Profile>>About Yourself>>Biographical Info I filled in…well, a bit of biographical info. But then it seems to just, disappear. That is, that text I entered for my bio doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else on my blog (and it certainly isn’t showing up here: I put in my my own username where “username” is in this address and got this message “No personal details to display for this user.”).
    1) Where is this bio I’ve written stored? Where does it show up and, after entering it several times, why can’t I find it anywhere (outside of the box in which the actual text was entered)?
    2) How can I get it to be linked from the front page of my blog? Can’t I have a link that says “Profile” or somesuch?
    Any help here is much, much appreciated.


    1. The bio information is stored in your wordpress account stuff and it does not show up anywhere that I am aware of. I don’t know if perhaps wordpress planned on doing something with it and just never got around to it, or if they never planned on doing anything with it.

    2. You cannot link to that information, but what you can do is either have an about page on your blog, or if the information is short, you can copy it and put it in a text widget in your sidebar.


    If you wish, you can title the text widget “My Profile” or something similar.


    Thanks so, so much for this. All makes sense, and is much appreciated.


    You’re very welcome.

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