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How can I get my sidebar to show on RH side and not at end of post?

  1. I am using Blix and my sidebar is not showing on RH side of my post but at the end of the post. How do I change this? I'd like readers to see sidebar as soon as they click onto my page so they can read links and categories as soon as they open the page!

  2. Check to see that you have not posted an image that is too wide for the text portion of your theme.

    Oops... never mind, I just had a look and see no images. BUT in both Firefox and IE 6 the sidebar is in the correct location.

    Having said that... there is something funky about your navbar at the top. I think you have added too many pages and that has misaligned the navbar and possibly what your seeing on your end with the sidebar.

    Now the bad news... there is no way to realign the navbar without deleting pages. will not allow manipulation of the theme files so the correct "Pages tag" can be entered.

  3. Thanks for the help everything sorted!

  4. The same thing is happening to my page - at first just in IE now in Firefox as well. Figuring it was an image problem I resized the pics but no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Also I am not able to see the html when I click on the html editor - it just comes up as a blank box, although before I could access it. Not sure if this is related or not.)

  5. I'm not sure this'll help, but when I was posting today, I aligned some of my paragraphs too many times using the align left, center buttons. After saving, the layout broke just like yours, but I'm using Blix theme that time.

    Perhaps when I clicked on those buttons, it added some extra divs into the page, and without cleaning them, there would be an open tag? I'm not quite sure.

    Deleting my last post and rewriting it fixed my problem though.

  6. Had something similar happen to me. As a general just delete the last post you made before the problem arrived and repost.

  7. The problem was, as Carlodi correctly thought, an extra div from using the alignment button. I erased the extra tag once my html source editor reappreared. So, in FireFox at least, the problem is solved. It is still buggered in Internet explorer but i can't see why. Thanks for your help.

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