How can I get my Typekit fonts to work on my site?

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    I think I may have a similar issue to the one anniebeeknits had in this thread:

    I have paid for an upgrade on Typekit, and I can see the ones I activated through Typekit on my WordPress site under Appearance>Custom Design>Fonts tab. When I go to the Page Editor, however, I’m not able to select those fonts to use. Like anniebeeknits, I don’t see a ‘Page Elements’ section in the Editor. Any suggestions?

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    OK :)

    The Typekit integration has actually changed slightly; if you’re looking to use the advanced mode the HTML selectors have to be manually entered for each font. The “Page Element”s title previously appeared on the Typekit editor (not here at, here: – so, there is the place in the kit editor where you need to enter the selectors (if you wish to do this manually, but there isn’t much point in doing this unless you want more control than the easier Custom Design mode offers)

    The Custom Design Upgrade (which you have) is designed to make this a whole lot simpler, you can just select the fonts you wish to apply to the relevant sections of your blog (headings, paragraphs etc) in the standard mode on the Fonts tab at Appearance > Custom Design in your dashboard.



    Thanks very much for your reply. All of what you wrote makes sense, and I am able to use the Custom Design as you describe, but here’s the thing: I would like to use fonts that are *not* listed among the Standard Custom Design Upgrade dropdown menus. I purchased a Typekit Personal level upgrade with the hope that I could use additional fonts. For example, I’d like to use Adobe Garamond Pro as a body text font for my site. I’ve been able to select that font on Typekit, I’ve saved the Typekit ID in WordPress, and I can see it listed within WordPress under the Advanced setting under Custom Fonts, so I know the kit has been added to my blog/site. But from there, I’m not clear how to activate Adobe Garamond Pro within the pages of my site. I had hoped the fonts I selected and purchased would be added to the dropdown menu of the Standard Custom Design fonts, but it appears that’s not the case.

    Is there an easy way to incorporate non-standard fonts that are selected through a Typekit upgrade into one’s blog/site, other than using code or CSS?



    You should be able to select them. There’s nothing on our side preventing it. I recommend contacting Typekit’s support department about this.



    Just to clarify: am I correct in thinking that the non-standard fonts that I select should be showing in in the dropdown menus? If not, when you say that I should be able to select them, how/where exactly should I be able select them? Is there a specific menu I should be able to see them in/choose them from?

    I have already contacted Typekit’s support department as well. So far, I have been pointed to an article with similar info, taking me as far as adding fonts to a kit, saving the Typekit ID, and being able to view the selected fonts under the Advanced setting, all of which I’ve done. But I’m still not clear on how to actually be able to use them once they are listed. I have posed the same Q to them, about how to do so… Will keep you posted (no pun intended) if I get any clarification on the Typekit end.



    Yes, the fonts should appear in the drop-down menu.



    I heard back from Typekit support. Here’s the skinny re: the fonts:

    “Unfortunately, you’re correct that the fonts you select from Typekit, don’t get added to the WordPress Font Editor. Sorry that wasn’t more clear.

    Setting up Adobe Garamond as the body text of your blog will require a little bit of coding. That being said, I would be happy to take you through the steps.”

    I don’t think I’m ready to take on coding, so I’m going to work with the options that are available to me from the drop down menu under the Custom Design upgrade, and drop the Personal level upgrade from Typekit, until I get myself a little more up to speed.

    Many thanks for your replies and help!

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