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How Can I Get Rid Of That "Uncategorized" Widget....

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    How can I once and for all get rid of that dreaded "Uncategorized" box, widget, and/or whatever it is called??????

    I disappeared on its own for a couple days--only to return--now with a linked senseless characters which, when clicked on, goes to a blank page.

    Thanking anypne in advance for your kind attention.
    Dick Gaines

  2. Get rid of the Add Link link that you have in there. Doesn't work anyway since your visitors don't have access to your backend.

  3. The "Uncategorized" tag is easy to get rid of. Simply EDIT it, and change the name to a tag you want to list, then SAVE. That's why my blog has no "uncategorized" tag. When you start adding tags in, the widget changes it's name to "Categories" instead of "Uncategorized" I believe....of course you can rename the widget any time you like in the PRESENTATION >>SIDEBAR options from your dashboard.

  4. I've checked the numbers, and "Uncategorized" brings in more people than you would think from the tag pages. No idea why, but it brings in easily twice what any normal tag would (sex tags excluded).

  5. raincoaster: you said before in another thread, i tried it, and nada!

  6. I htink it's gets translated to Life in the Tag System and that's the #1 listing last time I checked.

  7. "oooooohhhh that's life.......that's what people say......" **croons into coffee cup**

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