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How can I get the contact form to cc in another administrator?

  1. There are two administrators on my blog. I need the contact form and other notifications to go to both admins, but it only goes to the creator/owner. Can you suggest where is the setting I can use to change this? Thanks.
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  2. thistimethisspace

    There isn't one. The recommendation is for only one Admin per blog.

  3. @victorias1980

    Yes you can change who is sent emails from a contact form:

    Edit an existing contact form

    To edit an existing contact form, simply click the small add contact form media icon after you’ve already saved a form. Your existing contact form will be loaded into the editor.

    Notification preferences

    When a user submits your contact form, it will be emailed to the author of the post/page, and the subject line will be the title of your post. If you wish, you can change both the recipient and the email subject of your emails by clicking the “Email notifications” tab. Separate recipient emails with a comma to send to multiple recipients.

  4. A contact form can be sent to more than one person - the people do not even need to have an account at WordPress.COM to receive a copy of the form

    I have several with more than one person receiving the emails from the same contact form

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  6. thistimethisspace

    ~~Tess and auxclass
    Thanks so much for correcting me. I have bookmarked this thread so I sure hope I remember this the next time the question is asked.

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