How can I get traffic on my blog?

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    Does anybody have ideas on how I can get views on my blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. The support documentation has entries

    There is no single best way to increase traffic. There are many approaches but the bottom line is that there is no such thing as passive blog promotion . The reason I’m emphasizing this is because many new bloggers assume that if they blog readers will just happen. (Build a blog and they will come). Well, this is not the case.

    The forum search box contains lots of traffic promotion and increase readers threads. Some will lead you to posts on my blog like these two:



    Thanks, that was very helpful.



    I’m chuckling because I’m a blogging tips blogger and when it comes to answering this question I could go on and on and on and on … :D
    Happy Blogging :)



    Agreed. I would also help you out. But:

    A. This question pops up so often, I would spend most of my life answering it, so I’ll let the meta-bloggers do it.

    B. I only get 40 viewers a day, so I’m not one to talk.



    I always just say “you have no idea how many times we’ve answered that question already, so just do a search in the forum for related terms.” I do mean that; most people don’t know that we get this question two or three times a day, and speaking for myself and TT, we’ve been here four years. Believe me, we’ve thought of everything related to gaining traffic, and posted it to the forum at least once. It’s all here, just waiting for a search.


    10 a day for me :o so please visit my attention starved blog!

    I guess (though like tbol3, I’m not one to say) that you should visit blogs whose contents express a similar interest to yours.



    I had a regular blog for friends back in 2004 and before. When I started using WordPress I created one of the first (if not the first) WP help site. I was posting and helping in the forums, Matt had linked to me more than once. I went from no traffic and just friends to thousands of hits and a ton of bandwidth. At one time I put adsense on it and targeted the top posts. Took over 6 months to make $100. Anyway, I had thousands of visitors – and nowhere near that number of comments.

    I likened it to me opening my house and letting people walk straight through. If they all walked through and said nothing that would be weird wouldn’t it? All day people walking through, looking at everything but not saying a single word.

    You don’t need traffic as much as regular readers and you don’t get them without good content. Get that and your readers will tell others. That’s traffic worth having because if they feel closer to the blog because a friend says it’s good the chance of a comment goes up.

    As for my new blog now – I have no idea. Don’t check any stats at all. I write what I want when I want and about what I want. If I write for traffic then it’s not my blog is it?

    Btw the old blog is neglected and I just checked a stat there. One post is called ‘Links’, it has 8 links and it’s been viewed over 89,000 times since March 04. It has no comments.



    Looking to promote my Gig History Blog, any tip appreciated. I’ve had some nice comments and it is active.



    Sometimes it depends on what you are writing. I have 2 blogs, one is about my life and 10 viewers can be consider as my lucky day (it always less than 10)

    My other blog…where I write everything interesting around me, like books, musics, movie, my pet’s life always got at least 100viewers.

    But for me…a lot of viewers is not as fun as a lot of comments…I want more comments :)



    Traffic and views are very wide terms, before getting into it i think it will be important to know what you really want. If you are blogging for contextual money, you need search engine traffic, if you are blogging for private ads, social blogging and social traffic will help you more in that case.

    So, its all down to what you really want to achieve. looking foreword to your reply, then will get into further details.



    I agree 100% with Mark. As bloggers our aim ought to be attracting and retaining targeted readers. Targeted readers are those who arrive on your site because they already have an interest in the content your posts and blog contain. They have typed keywords and phrases into search engines and located your posts in the SERPS (search engine page results) and clicked through.

    The fact that targeted readers already have an interest in the content in your posts means they are likely to read more than one post, more likely to leave comments, and more likely to become regular readers/subscribers, and more likely to recommend your blog to their friends.

    Consequently, the first step for any blogger to take to establish a flow of targeted readers to their blog is learning and applying the use of basic SEO elements, so their posts and blog are actually accessible to potential readers, who use search engines.

    It’s impossible to tell you in a step by step way how to create an organic (unpaid) traffic flow of targeted readers to your particular blog, without knowing what steps you have already taken to:
    (1) register and verify your blog with the 3 big search engines;
    (2) structure your blog and posts in a reader and search engine friendly manner;
    (3) encourage the readers you already have to comment and promote your posts on their own blogs and/or in social media and social networks;
    (4) build relationships with other bloggers who have blogs dedicated to similar or directly related subject matter;
    (5) register and become and active participant in social networks, blog directories, online groups, and in social media, etc.

    If you are prepared to pursue increasing the flow of targeted readers to your blog then the post I linked to in my first comment lays out 25 steps that will help you accomplish that. Note: the steps are internally linked to tutorials.



    @mark. 89,000 visitors and not a comment?

    I’m thinking send me the name of the site and the password and I’ll give you a hundred comments. That sounds like a dream to me. You know what you should do? Use it.

    Now with all you have learned you can turn it around into a good design. Throw is some good content. Then you will have a good design, content and visitors. You can still ignore your stats and write because you love to write! Good luck.

    For the others listed in this blog I check my stats way to often. I think it’s because I’m curious to see who is visiting. Come on by.

    Thanks TT for your info. It is always helpful.

    Finally I got my blog traffic up by doing the following:

    Here is the article I wrote about getting my first 1,100 visitors in the first month:

    1) Telling my friends of facebook that I have a blog. Telling them when I post a new article.
    2) Thanking my visitors for leaving comments.
    3) Participating in discussions and forums.
    4) Signing up for lots of blog directories.
    5) Helping out anyone who needs.
    6) Joking around with my visitors and creating relationships.
    7) Reading ALOT. Emulating things I like.
    8) Making friends with professional bloggers who are happy to give tips and feedback.

    Hope that helped. Happy blogging.




    Thanks everybody! I’m starting to get more views already.



    I dont tell anyone about my blog just 3 friends and I get enough views to make me think its going well. Over time I’ve learned the readers are important, regular readers especially. If they dont enjoy the experience on my blog then I cant expectr them to want to hang around so Im shaping my blog with more than just me in mind now. Im always learning what my readers are interested in so it helps me to try and organize my blog ideas differently.

    It takes work and effort but I rather have real readers who I can have decent discussions with than just have hits. The more I learn the better experience I create for me as well as readers and I think its going good now with a few regular readers.

    I think if you enjoy what you do then the readers will come.



    I know this is probably just MY point of view but I could not deal with too many comments because I don’t have the time to reply. I have a lot of hits and I thought it was just people stumbling and never to return. Now that I have gostats, I can tell by IP that people are returning over and over (obviously not all that find my blog), and I can see by IP that a particular person reads several posts as Gostats will list by IP and the articles read per session. On my dashboard, I can see that people are clicking on my contents page and going through that and finding things to read.

    For the amount of reading people are doing, the comments are small on my blog and to be honest, I don’t want a whole bunch of comments because of time constraints. If everybody that was spending the ‘quality’ time on my blog commented (versus finding the blog and clicking back out), I would be spending all my time on comments and not have much time left to do other things I enjoy. I’m talking about the readers that read several articles or readers that return and not the folks that find my blog and then click back out.

    For me, I am pleased that people are returning and that people are subscribing. In fact, not all that subscribe to my blog even comment. My blog is more of an informational type of blog than a chat type of blog. I do respond to each and every comment left on my blog though. I don’t want it to get out of control with too many comments.



    Regrading blog comments. If you read this post and the comments you will find some interesting comment stats regarding comments on the blogs of very well known A List bloggers. Take note of what Chris Brogan has to say in the comments



    Your advice and comments are invaluable. I don’t know how you do it. Your hard work and dedication does come through. Thanks for the encouragement and the links. Julie




    What is Gostat?? it sounds interesting…how can I use in my blog?

    All I know, the people who keep returning to my blog are some of my students that still keep in touch with me.


    Hi – here’s the link to GoStats:

    Just create your account – it’s free, and the info it provides about visits to your blog is really interesting. I like seeing what countries people come from. Good luck with it!

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