How can I get traffic on my blog?

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    @TT and RC:

    Well, ya, if you join forums and communities for the soul sake of gaining blog traffic, it is just going to be a useless time sink, and you will find the law of diminishing returns coming to effect very fast (starting out at a low value even).

    However, I still believe that it is a good idea to join communities related to your blog. If nothing else, you will see other people’s opinions, get to comment on them, and get stronger opinions, which will give you something to blog about, even if few people read it. And that is only one of the small benefits. Of course, this is all just my opinion, and will probably change in the near future.



    I agree with what you have expressed. Sadly, the ranking and position one has in some blog directories and social networks is based on algorithms that do take into account the raw numbers of “friends” and “favorites” any member acquires.

    What I have witnessed is that newbies are all told to get out there and join social networks and make “friends”. Well that’s good advice, provided there are actual friendships being formed, and they are evidenced by by commenting on each others posts and backlinking to related postss. But this is not what I have witnessed.

    I have witnessed newbies in social networks adding hundreds of so-called “friends” and in some cases thousands of them in no time flat. Example 1: between 500 – 5,000 in just 2 weeks time!

    I have seen them posting toss away comments like ” nice post ” and/or ” keep up the good work” on multiple blogs every day (comments that lack meaning and add nothing to the discussion).

    I have seen them day in and day out still adding more “friends” and more “favorite blogs” and more bot followers on twitter, while creating mile long blogrolls, which include completely unrelated blogs, and are either of no value or low value when it comes to PageRank.

    I have seen them voting up each and every one their “friends” published posts on one site and then moving to the next site to stumble and digg the same posts on those sites as well. Hundreds of posts every day – day in and day out.

    I have been offered illegal voting scripts by those who have gangs of hundreds of “friends” at the ready to use the scripts every morning to push items onto the front pages of Digg, stumbleupon, mixx, etc. by gaming the system. I have also seen them get caught and have witnessed their crocodile tears when they have been banned.

    Worst of all, I have seen people who rarely blog at all but claim to be “a social network junkie” or “a sucker for social networks”. What the heck is that all about? Why would someone who rarely blogs at all have hundreds and even thousands of so-called “friends” and “favorites”?

    For as long as “voting” systems are in use and raw numbers of “friends” and favorites” are the data that’s feed into blog directory, forum rankings, and social networks this will continue. So when newbies ask me for advice about social networks I tell them what I just told you, and then I leave it them to find their own way through the jungle.


    Recently I put an advert on ebay selling a product, I then put further information of that product on the blog, I have a link from the ebay advert directed to the blog, you now have a one way link, remember do not link back to ebay it needs to be a one way link. The product does not need to be anything worth buying it just needs to get their attention.



    @timethief Wow. I wasn’t thinking of friends like that. I was thinking of ‘friends’ as anything from drinking buddies, to mere acquaintances that you occasionally talk to (online or otherwise). I completely agree with everything you said in that post. It’s that reason that I think things such as SocialTool (for twittter), are lame. I want me ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ on twitter to be genuine, not just a bunch of random numbers of people that we are following mutually because we started using some service, and don’t really know each other at all.

    @shopfrontsigns Mm…that doesn’t seem like the best way to gain traffic to me. And as TimeThief said earlier, unless your blog is related to your product, you’re going to get high bounce rates. The best thing to do, IMO, is to put lots of information about your item on the ebay page, and then part of that information, be your blog. (Also, if the blog is not related to your item, make sure to denote that it’s just a personal blog, which can be used to find out more information about you).



    SEO games of that nature can get a blog suspended at, even if they’re external links to the blog.


    As long as the information you have on the blog is relevant and it is not just a sales pitch, it is an information page, sending a link from ebay is fine. You can’t do a hard sell on a blog but you can inform people and reassure people you are genuine.

    I use inbound links from ebay and it works for me.

    Ebay might not like it though, so be aware that they might stop the advert. A one month advert on ebay can cost £0.30 and give you 100 hits.


    I have the same issue, so as much as I would like to comment something useful, I can just say I understand. I’ve had numerous blogs in the past, and they never recieved more than 10 hits a day- I suppose the best way would to be make sure you are on the search engines.
    I just started a new blog, so I’ll let you know if I figure something out that works very well (: although everyone elses comments have been exxxcellent (:


    Heres another idea, go to the blog directories and add your blog to their directories.



    Yes, indeed blog directories can send your blog a few visitors. But the main reason to join them is to form relationships with other bloggers, and as most bloggers belong to more that one directory we frequently see the same “friends” listed on the profile pages at numerous directories mybloglog, blogged, etc.

    This “idea” is found in the twenty five steps post that I provided the link to in the first comment I made to this thread. Here’s that link again for you

    There are many blog directories one can check into and make a decision about joining. These posts may be of help in that regard as I have provided information about many of them:

    See also:



    Several readers who are new to blogging have asked me to explain what social media and social networking mean, and how to use them to promote their blogs.

    I have used some resources in this post to define the two and explain how bloggers can join the melee, participate and use them in effective ways to promote their blogs.



    I’m not talking about eBay’s policies; I’m taking about WordPress’s. Just giving you a head’s up.


    Here is another idea, put some nice images on the blog, photos and images seem to get peoples attention, people like eyecandy. I have just put flickr onto my blog and a couple of you tube videos and that seems to get some attention, though I completely lack any feedback.

    To be honest, looking at other peoples blogs and seeing how they work, I think it just takes time, be regular with posting a blog, try to keep on topic and don’t expect too much from anyone or anything and you won’t be disappointed.



    All new bloggers need to hunker down and create an archive of quality content ie. “pillar posts” that have timeless value for readers. Unless or until they actually have established a pattern of publishing regularly and creating such an archive of high quality content whatever traffic they do receive may not be particularly inclined to “stick” to the blog.

    Images do enhance posts and provided SEO is properly applied to them they can also bring in a traffic flow to a blog. However, remember that less is more because adding all kinds of widgets, images, media, and decorative tat to sidebars and posts does not “hold” reader’s attention. In fact, those items can be distractions that draw reader attention away form your content.


    Dear all,

    Let me add my thoughts on increasing traffic to the mix. I will try to be succinct.

    1. Picking up where TimeThief left off, the most important thing to do is post great content. Consistently. If you want me to read your blog, it had better be worth my while. There are millions of sites competing for my attention and I will never see most of them. The ones that keep me coming back are the ones that give me value for my time. And please proof-read your posts for grammatical and typographical errors. They are very off-putting. Quality blogs can make it to high-profile blogging sites. For example, my blog was accepted for the Speaking category on Guy Kawasaki’s which is great. It had to go through a review process to be accepted. So quality counts.

    2. Post regularly. A blog is like a shark – if it stops moving, it will die.

    3. Mix up your articles. I write a blog on public speaking and presentation skills – I alternate between lengthy analyses of speeches (with videos) to short, bite-sized quotes on public speaking to humorous takes on the subject. It keeps the posts from becoming monotonous.

    4. Submit your blog to blog catalogues. Usually all that is required is an unobtrusive widget in your sidebar that can be put in the footer. See my blog and scoll to the very bottom to see the ones that I am a member of on the left side.

    5. Start a blogroll of blogs that you like. Again, see the ones that I have (broken into categories) on my site. Most of those blogs have mine in their blogrolls. It is all about reciprocity in this game.

    6. Comment – meaningfully – on other blogs. It is all about paying it forward. Yes, we all want readers coming to our site, but if you give value and help others, they will come of their own accord.

    7. Add your blog URL to your email signature.

    8. Submit your blog, from time to time, to sites like Blogsurfer, Blogiche and AlphaInventions. These are blog surfing channels. Each time your blog flashes on someone’s screen, it counts as a hit. Be prepared for a spike in hits, which is good. However, the reality is that most of those hits will be from other bloggers who are viewing the obligatory five sites before being able to submit their own blog (which bumps you down the list until you fall off). My philosophy is this: For every 100 people who hit my blog, perhaps 2 or 3 will take a closer look and may be one of them will become a reader. That is fine with me and fair return for a few second of work to add my blog to those pages.

    9. Add social network links at the bottom of your posts so that people can Digg, Stumble, etc. the ones that they like. I use a great tool for blogs at – They have just added code for Google Buzz too.

    10. Use forums like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your blog. My blog is automatically linked to each of these so my posts appear there.

    11. Make your top level widgets meaningful. There is a lot of dross out there when it comes to widgets. I have been playing with them for some time now to weed out the useless ones and use ones that help my readers. So (again) if you go to my blog you will see that the widgets include RSS Feed, email subscription, search box, blogroll, category box, links to my social network sites, etc. Yes, I also have a Feedjit box that shows the flags of the last 10 people to visit my site, but I found that it looks OK aesthetically and breaks up the text in the widget bar nicely.

    12. Use smart tag words and key words for your posts.

    13. Finally (are we at 13 already?) don’t obsess about the numbers. Check them from time to time for sure, but if you do the things above – and there are others as well – you will steadily grow a groups of loyal readers.

    Good luck!

    John Zimmer

    PS – I realize that I am a bit daft here, but how do I get my user name on the left to be an automatic link to my blog? Thanks!



    Your advice is similar to a summary of part of what’s found in the posts in my blog. :)

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard > Users > Your Profile. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ and fill in the address of your blog ie. the complete URL and then click ‘Update Profile‘.


    @timethief – Great minds think alike, I guess. And thanks for the tip!



    anyone here able to provide tips for purely recreational fiction writing on blogs. i’d just like to get some comments and feedback. very new to blogging and for the most part i really have no interest in becoming a professional blogger. i wouldn’t even know what that means or care to find the time for it.



    You always mention to write a couple pillar posts, I wonder how many pillar posts are needed. I only write pillar posts :P



    The only “professional” bloggers at wordpres.comwhere we cannot monetized free hosted blogs are in the VIP hosting program and are not likely to be posting here.

    In order to get comments you need to give comments. Comment, comment, comment on blogs in the same niche as your own. Join social networks, online groups and forums where there are like minded people who are interested in the same topic blog about.

    Here is a link to the creative writing global tag page at
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