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How can I get traffic on my blog?

  1. [link removed]

  2. How sad that the only thing you can come up with is a lame link drop to your blog.

  3. Thank you shopfrontsigns. I added my blog to your suggested site, blog catalog.

  4. @edwilsonishere
    Your username is linked to a blog.I'm confused. Why are you posting in these forums?

  5. Does have its own community? If so, then I guess I learn something new everyday, lol! I'm so accustomed to dropping by here from time to time.

  6. I googled and I found it.

    Is there a rule against posting here. I've just met so many nice bloggers through this forum. Could I post in both, or that's not kosher?

  7. Do you have a free hosted blog? If so then you are a part of the community. If not then your aren't but you could help build a community over at . :)

  8. I do have a wordpress blog, I just used domain mapping since I made the big jump to a private hosting service last week. Does that mean I cannot use both forums?

    Oh, also I apologize for inadvertently hijacking the topic.

  9. Let's put this is context. This thread is located in the Questions forum. These support forums are for those who have blogs, which are currently being free hosted by . Your blog is not currently being free hosted by .

    Please read on and don't be offended by the bold lettering I have used for emphasis.

    Example 1
    I also have blogs on domains. The one linked to my username is a domain that's being domain mapped from the root blog here at and it's still being free hosted by

    I cannot upload anything into it - there is no FTP access to blogs - all the same rules that apply to all blogs being free hosted by still apply to that blog.

    My blog posts from that blog appear on the global tag pages because the blog is still being free hosted by </strong.>

    Here at is where I can get support for that blog because the blog is being free hosted by

    Example 2
    I have another blog that's also on it's own domain and is also being domain mapped from the root blog here at I pay to have it hosted by A Small Orange.

    It's equipped with a software install like yours has. It has FTP access and I can and do upload themes and plugins into it like you do into yours.

    My posts in that blog do not appear on the global tagging pages because the blog is no longer being free hosted by

    Can I get support for that blog here at NO. Why? Because it's not being free hosted by

    For support I have to go to and so do you for your blog now that it's no longer being free hosted by

    When we make the choice to leave we cannot expect that we and our blogs that are no longer free hosted by can still reap the benefits of being a part of a community which we have left. That's not logical.

  10. Consistency will help (hopefully) create a theme for your blog, once you done that keep up with postings, replies, eye candy and photos are alot better attention grabbers than plain words alone also build a repoire with your readers. One thing i`m learning to do is if you search box on your blog...view this from your dashboard and add the things your viewers are searching for.

    This will bring them back especially if you find a common item or event that is constantly being searched for. Its all about learning we have all started somewhere and are headed great places.

    Another thing which is working for us is keeping an even flow with posts for example on swaggtalk100 we have several posts regarding "Movie review" or "swaggtalk100 updates" and "Video review" alot of our readers come back for familiarity

  11. Though, too many attention grabbers floods the reader, sorry, Im looking at you webmistress27 (no offense though), yours is just overkill. I mean, you have like a hundred links in your sidebar all screaming attention not to mention a whole shipload of widgets and I bet some of these link might even contain a virus or two. Im just saying. It's kinda too forced but then again, it does fit your whole swaggtalk-thing going on.

  12. One of the most important things bloggers must learn about is how to keep a balance between outbound links and inbound links, and how to determine which blogs to place on their blogroll.

    The days of the mile long blogroll are gone. These have so little value can and suck so much link juice out of your blog that they can become a drain in terms of PageRank rather than a boost to your blog. One ought to choose to link only a minimal number of authoritative related blogs in their own niche in their blogroll.

    The days of the blogrolls created by link exchanges are also waning. These days reciprocal links carry very little link juice and authority. Google and the other search engines are looking for "natural linking patterns".

    What every blog needs is as many non-reciprocal (one way) backlinks to the posts in the blog as possible.


  13. OOPS!

    When search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider the number of quality incoming links to that site. The higher the relevance of incoming links the greater their quality will be.

    A backlink could be considered as a quality backlink if:

    • The content of the backlinking site is the related to your same as your website.
    • It links to your website with the keyword or key phrase that you are trying to optimize for.

  14. What is a "natural linking pattern" and what has changed?

    Google used to evaluate blogs by looking at areas that can be easily manipulated by webmasters, such as meta tags, alt tags, keyword density, page titles, etc. But that was then and this is now.

    The good news is that Google is now looking most favorably upon to reward sites with a natural link building approach, and is penalizing over-optimized blogs.

    The reason for this is clear. Google attempts to offer, the best service possible for those using their search engine by having the most relevant, and most useful search results. The most important factor contributing to your Google ranking, is reader-friendliness, and naturally acquired organic links are the best kind of links because they indicate that real people are showing an interest in your content.

  15. @timethief
    I might contradict myself, but I thought (or how it used to be) that the more you link to others, the more link hit you got back. But like you said, the mile long blogroll is a thing of the past, whats the trick in getting quality links/hits?

  16. I don't know any "tricks". Writing link bait is not easy to do and getting backlinks these days is very difficult indeed. The more you link to authoritative sites in your own niche the better.The same cannot be said about linking to unrelated blog that are not in your niche as they lack authority in the niche. Along with link to authoritative sites in your own niche goes commenting and commenting and commenting on posts on those sites, and using socialbookmark buttons to help them promote their posts.

    Some bloggers are still unaware of the changes and reasons for them at the search engine level that I have referred to above. They have seen PageRanks fall and instead of finding out why, and applying natural linking strategies preferred by Google and the other search engines, they are simply doing more of the same old, same old (keyword stuffing, metadata manipulation, link exchanges and mile long blogrolls).

    Another factor we are all feeling the affects from is "social media broadcast range". In times past authority was derived from creating high quality content that got backlinks, and an every growing blog centered community.

    These days we are blogging less because we are now compelled to spend time entertaining current followers and wooing potential followers on social media sites and on social networks. One can spend hours chatting and tweeting and hooting up internet marketers and even bots (lol :D) and the result can be a large number of hits on posts with mediocre content.

    We see that those who have large armies of followers, who will retweet their stuff and vote it up on social networks are attracting more visitors based on their "social media broadcast range", and not necessarily on the quality or uniqueness of their content, or the quality of discussions taking place in the comments on their posts.

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