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how can I go from to

  1. Hi, im really new here and I think ive made a mistake. I set up everything on the wrong wordpress. I mapped out a domain and paid for video hosting all on when it should have been on How can i switch to and allow plug-ins to my website? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This section of the Moving a Blog support document should get you started.

    If you have never set up a web hosting account and are not familiar with the process, you might also want to consider the Guided Transfer Service that offers where they set up everything and transfer everything over for you and then turn it over to you completely operational.

  3. Also, on your videopress upgrade here, I'm certain that it will work with your self-hosted site as well. Also on your domain name you purchased here, that can easily be pointed at the new web host.

  4. ok thanks for the guided transfer service. im going to go through this now. ill keep you updated. thanks again

  5. After reading the guided transfer guide, I think I could just start over. I started a blog on but never published it. all i did was paid 12.bucs for a mapped domain and paid for yearly video hosting. Cant I start over on ?

  6. I started a blog on but never published it.

    once you have hired a webhost and set up a free install from You can export the content out yourself and then you can import it into your new site . Then you can update the nameservers for your domain.

    The nameservers control where traffic for the domain goes using DNS. If you are moving from to a self-hosted blog, you can enter the nameservers provided by your web hosting company to switch your domain to their hosting service.

  7. I understand, I will work on this. When you say self hosting?? What is it exactly? Self hosting - I host my own site with my own servers? When I install wordpress/org it dowloads as a folder(unzipped) on my desktop. Is that right? As For my Webhost, I chose videopress. I cant seem to get videopress to respond to any support emails. IM confused because when I tried to upload a plug-in to WP/com said you can only do that on WP/org.
    SO ive paid for my hosting, but now I realize that I should have been on for all the great features anyway...WHAT do I do??

  8. No, self-hosted just means hosted somewhere other than You can get your own server or you can just rent space on someone else's, which is what most people do.

    As for what happens when you install WordPress software, you need to read about that on WordPress.ORG.

    What do you mean you've paid for your hosting? Hosting on is free. If you bought upgrades, some of them are refundable within a certain time, so ask for refunds where appropriate. If I were you I'd ask for a refund for Videopress, but keep the domain name and just apply it to the new blog which is self-hosted.

  9. OK Thanks raincoster. SO i dont need video hosting for a video based website? Just any reliable hosting will do? Im having the hardest time getting in touch with Videopress. They wont respond..

  10. Sorry for the intrusion. I'm a bit confused about moving to My question is:
    If we move the content of our blog from to will we have a copy of the content here too? Secondly will search engines refer people to or for my existed content? Or is this only a silly question?

  11. You can choose to keep content here at if you move, but staff have asked that your blog be set to Private if that's the case.

    Search engines will refer people to your blog HERE unless you've got the domain mapping upgrade and move to your new blog with the same address, like The search engines point to the URL. If the URL moves hosting, search engines follow it. If, however, your blog here is instead of, and you move, your old blog,, will outrank your new one until your new one has at least as many incoming links as your old one.

  12. Thanks
    That means one should map a domain here first before moving to
    What will happen to the links then if one map a domain. I mean search engines will refer to not Will they redirect to latter automatically?
    Besides there is an upgrade called "redirect upgrade". What is the function of it? Can one use it to redirect traffic from to free hosted blogs on

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