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How can I have a BLOG within my BLOG without having to make a new account

  1. I want to add a restaurant BLOG to my blog.. Is there a way to do this by adding a Page that I can add entries to or will I have to create a new WordPress account and link it to my present Blog?


  2. I think having creating a new blog is your only option.

  3. Agreed. If you visit the main page while logged in, it will give you an option to create a new blog while using your current account.

  4. You could still make it look as if it was a blog within a blog. Make your link look seamless. A derivative title might help.

  5. Another thought would be add the RSS feed for a specific category of your blog (The one that would be the inner blog) to your sidebar.

  6. For any example of using RSS feeds in sidebars to focus on content, at I have sidebar links to which is a friend's blog.

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