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How can i have access to a wordpress blog being in private mode ?

  1. My problem is , for two months i was visiting this blog " "
    But today i can't no more have access to this blog , he is in private mode !
    How can i have access again ? plus i don't kown how to contact the owner of the blog ! I want to subscribe to that blog ! Please help me to contact and to have access to blog ! Thanks in advance

  2. You can't - Private is Private - they must invite you in - no way around that - WordPress.COM will not give out contact information

  3. Okay ! But what can i do for that person to invite me ?! Thank you auxclass !

  4. No way that I know of - you would need to contact the blog owner - and if the site is close it is sort of tough - people close blogs for all sorts of reasons from they just get tired to don't want abuse from visitors - concerns about Terms of Service - many reasons - no way to tell why

    Just accept that they are Private - check back once in a while maybe they will open it again -

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