How can I have my blog appear in a Google Search?

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    I have just started an ePortfolio, and I was wondering how I can have my blog appear if someone “Googles” me.
    I want it to appear if a potential employer searches for information about me.

    The blog I need help with is



    With your blog set to Private Google will never index it nor can anyone that you don’t invite in see anything on your blog.



    The blog linked to your username is set to “private” and that means it is not being crawled or indexed by search engine spider bots.

    See here please > If you wish the blog to be allowing search engine spiders in to index the content then you have to change the visibility setting to option 1.

    Then you have to verify ownership of the blog with the major search engines. See here please >

    It will take from 4 – 6 weeks for the indexing to take place and there is nothing can do to expedite the indexing process. However, there are factor to be aware of that do expedite that process. See here >


    Thanks so much timethief. That was really helpful!!

    Since you’re really good at this, can you help me with one more thing??

    I have registered 2 blogs, but really only want to keep 1.
    How do I delete one blog, and keep the other??



    It’s not advisable to completely delete a blog, because the URL might be useful in the future and if you delete it, it’s gone for good. Nobody, not even you can reuse it. So the suggestion we usually make is to set it to Private. You only have to do that once under Settings->Privacy and it’s hidden.



    I agree. Don’t delete it. Every blogger needs a private test blog.


    Love your work guys! A very helpful forum for me right now. Kudos to those peeps who answer questions for those of us who are new to this blogging thing! Cheers and thanks to elizabethgoldsmith1 for asking the question/s!
    Although here’s a novice question for you… is an ePortfolio another way of saying a blog or is it something else?!



    Thanks for the praise. ePortfolio is a separate site. It’s not in anyway connected to You can simply type it into Google and locate it very easily.

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