How can I have my readers send my blog to someone else?

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    Is there something (probably a widget)I can put on my blog so that a reader could click and send it to someone they think would like my blog/posting?



    You mean like a “share this with a friend” -thingie?



    Yep, that would be it. Not the ‘add to my social networking’ stuff, like a delicious thingy, but click and enter an email address.



    There is no widget that does this to my knowledge. They could always email the link.



    Doesn’t this seem like it would be a natural, organic sort of widgety thing for in the social networking dimension? It can’t be that hard to create a ‘share this with a friend widget, could it?


    Hey I was looking for the same answer on how to ‘tell a friend’ rather than having to do a separate email to tell them to look at the blog – there must be some way, everything else is so automated, I just can’t find the answer in the FAQs. Hope we can get some techno person to enlighten us. Here’s hoping


    Do a google search and let us know what you find


    Hello there diamonfistwerny – what a great idea – I did just that and think I’ve found the ‘plug-in’ however I don’t have a clue how to find the plug in area/folder of this wordpress to know how to install it. I’ll put the link here and if you have any success, I’d love to be enlightened! I’ve done a complete search of my HD and can’t find the directory called /wp-content/plugins. Also looked in the behind the scenes section of wordpress for plug ins (like one finds widgets etc) and can’t find it. is where is tells you where to keep the plug in and this is where you download
    My email is (email redacted)


    But wait there’s more – just did another search in the FAQ HERE for plug ins and guess what at you can’t put plug ins, only on So, perhaps we can’t do it after all – I’ve no idea really. So if anyone else knows the answer do feel free to let us all know – as you can gather, I’m not a techno whizz on the setting up of blogs, sites etc. In fact, don’t think I’ve ever had to install a plug in to anything knowingly!



    You can’t use plug-ins at

    Not a good idea to post your email address; spammers will pick it up.


    I use Feedburner ( and they have an email link and several social networks that you can add your post to. You have to go to your widget with the feed, then copy and paste the links to the post you want to add it to. I don’t add it to most of my posts but I do use their email subscription newsletter thing so all my readers who have subscribed have this info for each post in the daily email from my blog.

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