How can I have the slideshow feature as it is displayed in the Superhero demo?

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    In the superhero demo, there is a full-length slideshow with caption. How can I make this happen for myself?

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read the theme description at “Featured Content Section”
    You need to set a featured image of the correct dimensions and give the featured post the tag you declared under Settings → Reading → Featured Content.



    A different question about Superhero — is it possible to change the color of the masthead through custom CSS?


    How to make multiple slides in featured content section in WordPress Superhero?
    I’ve been able to get one slide up, but not more than one (like in the Superhero theme description).
    I added the tag as “test3” in Settings > Reading > Featured Content and it worked. Yeah! But then I added “test4” after a comma and LOST both of the slides (they were still there but like regular posts all of a sudden).
    So, how do you add more than one?


    I am not able to find Featured Content option for me, I using same Superhero theme and want to have big image as in demo.
    Under reading option I have only option to set home page.



    I am also using superhero theme and there is no feature content setting in Settings – Reading I want to have the featured images working asap. Please help



    You need to install the jetpack plugin.


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    @collinmcwebb & tomhodson101
    That applies to WordPress.ORG, not to WordPress.COM.


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    You can change the color of the masthead wrap with CSS. The Custom Design upgrade is described here:



    @1tess apologies if I committed a faux pas I only intended to give a useful answer to the problem Collin was having. However you are completely correct it is a .org issue.



    Ah! You have to use “Set Featured Image” in the bottom right corner to select the image for the post, rather than adding media to the post entry itself.

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