How can I have two pages mimic eachothers content

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    I’m trying to look for a resolution to a problem that I continue to have when using WordPress as a page driven CMS. When adding pages to a site is there a way for two separate pages to have the same content and custom fields where if you update one it updates both or all “mimiced” pages? I don’t want to redirect to a page as then they would be moved out of the page directory that they are currently browsing. I’m just hoping that they can click on a page and have it show the same content as if it where the same pages but retain the url and position in the site navigation.

    Here is a link to a page with a full listing of trainers for a gym:

    Then a listing for trainers that just do Pilate classes:

    So some of the pilate trainers are overlapping the overall list of trainers and both have the same content. If anyone knows of a way to keep these pages so they stay more in sync with the same content even when a user updates them it would be very helpful.

    This is a problem that is not just on this site but multiple sites that I have done and always comes up as a client request.




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    aw crap wrong forum…

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