How can I import my posts from another blog site and preserve the posting dates?

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    My website is via, which provides my blog as well. I don’t know what blogging software they use behind the scenes. I want to move my whole blog to WordPress so I can use a different theme than my website has. How can I import my posts from my Artspan blog and preserve their posting dates?

    The blog I need help with is


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    If I understand, you want to export a blog from the provider “” then import it to I’m not familiar with “” but here is information about importing a blog from another platform to
    modlook so staff can take a look…



    Hi there – a few questions can help us figure out whether this is possible.

    Could you provide a link to your site on Artspan?
    Do you know if your site comes with an RSS feed?
    Does Artspan offer any export tools or files?



    Thank you both. Artspan is a provider of website templates, etc. geared toward artists. My website there is . Append “/blog” to that to seem my blog there. Their tech support has since responded that yes, they do an RSS feed, and they provided me with the RSS feed URL for my blog, so I should be able to use WordPress’s RSS import plugin.



    Great. If you have any trouble with the import just let us know.


    I spoke too soon. The WordPress RSS import plugin, at seems to require that I have WordPress software on my computer? I’m on a Mac running OSX 10.7.4



    That plugin is only installable on self-hosted WordPress sites, not sites.

    If you send me a link to your RSS feed I could see if we might be able to help from this end.


    Thanks Kathy. Artspan support was able to provide me with a file in Movable Type format, which I successfully imported to WordPress. There’s just one other issue, and that is that the underlying URLs for the images in my blog posts point back to Artspan, so they won’t work once my Artspan blog is deleted. Is there a way to import all those images over and replace their links in the blog posts?


    BTW here are the feed links for my Artspan blog, in case they still help:




    Thanks for letting me know. I’m investigating this and I’ll get back to you with the next steps for this issue.



    Hi there – we’ve found and fixed 23 images which referenced and updated them so they now point to your site. If you see any other images that still need to be fixed, would you please let me know?


    Thank you so much, Kathy! They’re all there and look good. I’m now all settled into WordPress. :-)



    Good stuff, glad to hear it’s all fixed up! Happy blogging. :-)

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